RF Gateways


Connect via:

YSF TG#72340 XLX402

DMR TG#31311 Nebraska_Hub

D-Star REF402A, DCS402A, XRF402A, or XLX402A

Allstarlink Node #27553 Nebraska_Hub #27600 Misty Bridge Hub

Echolink Node KC0EQA-R


RF Gateways

The Misty Bridge Hub is now available on Asterisk Allstar Link Network node 27600. 


Common Sense and the Value of a Penny

A new discovery has been found that can restore common sense.

Be sure to carry at least one common cent (that is 1 penny) and common sense will be quickly restored. As people learn the value of the penny and of common sense.

Common sense can prevent a lot of problems that we deal with every day.  For some reason we forget about the simplicity of sense.

The penny is often forgotten too.  Much like the round TUIT of yesterday that came about because people kept saying "I will do it when I get 'a round to it'"  now back to the common cent and sense.

The U S penny has something very important on it that should guide us through our every day journey.  We need to remember "In God We Trust."  That's where real common sense originates.

May you have the blessings that you truly seek this day.

de Mars


Sýstasi Information Security Solutions

Sýstasi  Information Security Solutions include;

  • Cloud Servers
  • Encrypted Email
  • Encrypted Email Archives
  • Encrypted Backup Solutions
  • IP PBX Secure VoIP
  • Access Control Systems
  • Video Surveillance 
Information Security is the path to secure cyber and physical security.



It is a matter of planning and commitment.  There are those days when you get home that you just want to take it easy and forget about the scheduled nets.  Yet, you know that they are important for training and gathering information about what events are in the near future. 

Then there are those that get involved with to many different organizations and not sure how to divide their time amongst them all.  Do you ever feel like your just collecting "organizational names" in order to say you belong?  How do you let the different organizations know that you may not be available when they need you the most?

Sometimes it comes down to specialities; which group allows you to utilize your special talents most effectively?  Will you be available when they call for your technical expertise?

We hear the word "diversity" a lot now days, yet what about diverse technology are we ready?  Can we set up a mesh network via HSMM and have it ready to handle telephone and rf gateway communications on short notice.  What about all the different digital modes that are present now days, do you know a quick way to interface them so that they can all talk together?

What about that last-mile, do you know how to set up the necessary links to cover the distance needed?

There will always be more to learn, how will you divide your time?


Digital Can Be a Good Thing

As society gets more complicated and the need for quick delivery of information digital can be a good thing.

Sure digital communications helps by reducing the amount spectrum needing for a single conversation, what about the data flow?  Will that single voice conversation have priority over a data stream?  It may make it challenging on some frequencies that are used.

How many of you have ever heard of High Speed Multi Media (HSMM)?  Did you know that HSMM can provide  High Speed data, video and voice communications and when needed it can provide the means for the "last-mile" connectivity in emergency / disaster situations. 

What about those times that the last-mile is beyond the range of the available HSMM equipment; is there a solution to this problem?  There are several ways to extend coverage, but it may not be as fast as possible on the microwave links yet still usable.  Digital formats via HF Radio can provide some information at a slower rate yet still get the information to the location that needs it.  Someday in the near future it may be possible to deliver high speed data over HF (even dial-up speed 56kbps can be extremely beneficial when sending resource / supply lists). 

Digital can be a good thing, even when there needs to be some limited public access to information in emergency situations.  When it comes to critical information that can save a life and protect property the regulations that we normally are required to go by becomes null when there is no other way to deliver the life saving information.  This applies to every radio communication service; so how do we test these valuable resources during normal conditions?

There are rules within the regulations that allow for limited testing, take the time to discover what steps are required so you can test your communication equipment and become familiar with its capabilities so you will be ready when the situation requires complete readiness.




  • Are you ready for any emergency situation that may happen?  
  • Do you have an Emergency Kit?
  • What about a GO-KIT for technical supplies?
  • Would you like to find out how to put these kits together?

PIO - That's Public Information Office

PIO is the abbreviation for Public Information Office or Public Information Officer depending on how large an organization is.   In the case of ALERTradio ERC,  we are a rather small organization focusing primarily on technology resources for public safety.