It is a matter of planning and commitment.  There are those days when you get home that you just want to take it easy and forget about the scheduled nets.  Yet, you know that they are important for training and gathering information about what events are in the near future. 

Then there are those that get involved with to many different organizations and not sure how to divide their time amongst them all.  Do you ever feel like your just collecting "organizational names" in order to say you belong?  How do you let the different organizations know that you may not be available when they need you the most?

Sometimes it comes down to specialities; which group allows you to utilize your special talents most effectively?  Will you be available when they call for your technical expertise?

We hear the word "diversity" a lot now days, yet what about diverse technology are we ready?  Can we set up a mesh network via HSMM and have it ready to handle telephone and rf gateway communications on short notice.  What about all the different digital modes that are present now days, do you know a quick way to interface them so that they can all talk together?

What about that last-mile, do you know how to set up the necessary links to cover the distance needed?

There will always be more to learn, how will you divide your time?